We are back

Hi guys. It’s been a while since we last appeared on the scene.

Guess what?

We are back!

Back with bumper entertainment.

Back with lots of fun and excitement.

Back with a bang.

How are you doing?

Hope you are good.

First we would hit on the top ten trending things in Nigeria and the world.

Of course globally everyone is talking about how the underdogs on Reddit pulled a fast one over the incumbents at Robinhood over Gamestop.

Gamestop…the stock that rose from the ashes overnight.

Wallstreet took a pounding.

Also it was a very sad day for Myanmar as their leader was overthrown in a coup.

Now on the home front….Shosho Oshiafi the founder of Fame and Fire is launching several businesses in a series tagged Business Adventures of Shosho.

So we will watch this space and see how it goes. That’s all folks.

See you again soon