Code Speak used by kids

If you are a parent with grown kids who chat on phones with their mates take note of the following slangsThe list will redefine how you monitor your teen’s conversations with his/her peers. LIST:1) IWSN- I want sex now.2) GNOC- Get naked on camera.3) NIFOC- Naked in front of computer.4) PIR- Parent in room.5) CU46 – See you for sex.6) 53X- Sex. 7) 9- Parent watching.😎 99 -Parent gone.9) 1174′- Party meeting place.10) THOT- That hoe over there.11) CID- Acid (the drug).12) Broken- Hungover from alcohol.13) 420- Marijuana.14) POS- Parent over shoulder.15) SUGARPIC- Suggestive or erotic photo.16) KOTL- Kiss on the lips.17) LsMIRL- Let’s meet in real life.18) PRON- Porn.19) TDTM- Talk dirty to me.20) 8 -Oral sex.21) CD9 -Parents around/Code 9.22) IPN- I’m posting naked.23) LH6- Let’s have sex.24) WTTP- Want to trade pictures?25) DOC- Drug of choice.26) TWD- Texting while driving.27) GYPO- Get your pants off.28) KPC- Keeping parents clueless. If you think parenting is still the same as what our parents did, You will fail…Take to Learning.Please share to other parents.. *and very importsntly, as a parent we must ensure our children’s phones are not passworded*